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Supporting Material is a 24 page text based zine in which 7 artists were invited to examine every day acts of support or care, ones that are often hidden or disregarded. The zine was printed by Risograph by Overlay Press in Newcastle upon Tyne and edited by Maya Wallis, Supporting Material aims to place value and emphasis on moments that pass us by in an attempt to figure out what small things hold us afloat and what simple acts deserve recognition. The 7 artists who contributed to the zine are Sadaf Chezari, Bethany Stead, Natasha Martin, Freya Patterson, Hannah Christy, Alex Leigh and Taylor Jack Smith.

Copies are available from Good Press 
and The NewBridge Project Bookshop. Donated copies can also be found in Baltic's Archive Zine Collection, Glasgow Zine Library and Edinburgh's Zine Library. 


 The zine had a featured episode on Slacks Radio which included recorded readings from the contributors and a collaboratively made track list. A launch event was held at the Biscuit Tin Studios, in Newcastle upon Tyne, where a beer was brewed for the event and the collaborative track list was played. 

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