I haven't been wearing shoes much recently. 

I am imagining (I want to put)ting them on. 

Sl-i-i-i-pping into. 

SquelchCHching into the soles Mould ... 


                                                                                g my feet into position. 

                           (tying the laces)

I go out to the back garden in my socks now. 

There doesn't seem a need to put shoes on to stand outside with a cup of tea. 

Yesterday a cigarette but stuck to the bottom of one sock,  jammed in between my toes, and I had to wipe my foot on the concrete to loosen it. 

I am imagining putting on my PLATFORM BOOTS.                   (Now). 

They are black squelchy leather, kind of plastic-y-Y-y-Y-y. 

They cr-eeeeeeee-eee-e-e-ek when you walk. 

On the outside they are lined with metal parts, grooved into the pattern round the edges. 

Sometimes, when my feet accidentally meet, the metal parts clip each other and make a Clink!!ing sound. 

They must add an inch to my height. 

I am imagining them on the ground, thud. Thud. Thud. 

                                                    1,2,1,2;;;;;;;;;; after the other. 

They almost sit-iiink into the pavement, (almost) : they feeeeeeeel like a footprint in plaster. Peeling out. Liffffffting off. 

A few weeks ago I put the on to go to the shop. 

I felt silly, putting on platform boots to walk down the road, but I really wanted to wear them. Before I tied the laces I ended up taking them off and slipping on my trainers instead.